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Who We Are

Directors | Producers | Writers | Editors | Graphics

We work in TV production for shows such as The People’s History Show and Raps for CBeebies ALBA as well as film, commercials and independent productions across vision, sound and graphics.

Created in 2008 as a music production company, we have a long history of media creation and are currently working across multiple fields in TV and film. Most recently we have won commissions from both STV and BBC.

We always found there was a space missing in Scotland that offered a welcoming, cosy studio that also met the various demands a production can have. Check out our Studio Hire page to see what we came up with.


What We Do

TV | Film | Animation | Sound | Graphics

Our multi-talented studio comprises of award winning directors, writers, editors, producers and animators. Within our studio space we have a multitude of facilities that compliment our team, from a dedicated VO Booth and editing quite to a large enclosed studio space and 3D rendering machine.

We are currently in production of a 12 part history series which has us working across Scotland using all of our in-house skills from drones, cameras and sound to VFX, reconstruction and editing.

Alongside this we have worked on a fantastic wee series for BBC ALBA (CBeebies) that utilised our large green screen set up and in 3D designs.



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The Space

Our studio is located just up the road from the BBC and STV in Glasgow, and boasts an enclosed, sound treated 6x6 metres studio. With large green screen, white and black walls and a variety of lighting equipment, the studio has something to offer any production.

The space has a kitchen complete with coffee machine (many options available!), microwave and dishwasher. Alongside this we have a dedicated dressing room.

Our main production space has plenty of room for waiting, sitting and storage; we’ve had productions that contained 30 + crew with props, kit and the whole works. We’ve made the space versatile with an enclosed VO booth and editing suite.

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