RTS Scottish Student Awards

A look behind the scenes for the production of the show.



The Awards Night

In April 2019 we were tasked with shooting and compiling the RTS Scottish Student Awards. The night itself would involve multiple cameras for the ceremony, interviews and general hustle and bustle. Alongside this we created all the graphics, delivering opening titles and a large amount of broadcast ready GFX.

The Night

The fantastic Laura Boyd presented both the awards ceremony and the show itself. Located in The Arches, Glasgow, the ceremony had us working with a varying degree of lighting and sound.

The Set Up

Two cameras were set up for a wide and a close up of the stage face on. A camera was set up in a side arch for crowd reactions, with a roaming Ronin for the walk up to stage and general reactions. As the ceremony was happening there was also a camera and producer interviewing the winners as they left the stage. All these cameras were set loose after the ceremony to capture the atmosphere and audience as they celebrated the night away!

Watch the RTS Scottish Student Awards 2019.

The Opening Titles

As part of the show for both broadcast and on the night, RTS needed titles and a variety of graphics. From nomination intros and lower thirds to a full 30 second opening title sequence. These were all created using Maxon’s Cinema 4D, rendered using OTOY’s Octane Renderer and compiled in Adobe’s After Effects.

The Concept

We were told to keep to the palette of gold and black, so we utilised this as much as possible. Using worn blacks to add texture and light we paired the two in an almost grunge like manner. As the awards ceremony was to be held in The Arches, Glasgow, we wanted to replicate the industrial, yet proud, sense of the place.

The Creation

Created in Cinema 4D the titles are essentially one scene with multiple cameras. Textures and materials were key to the end result of this piece, as we focussed in hard on the various custom built elements. From glass and glowing typography to subtle, worked gold and striped blacks.

Design Concepts: