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Our Vision

After creating 100s of hours of original content for TV and commercial, we set out in 2019 to grab commissions and projects from around the UK. We are now creating over 12 episodes for a history series, multiple documentaries and a fully 3D rendered children’s programme.

In the future we hope to continue our success in gaining commissions and productions.

Our Productions

As we are a multi-talented bunch we have little to no restrictions on what we can deliver. Our history series has seen us produce, write and direct historically accurate episodes. Alongside this our graphic department were creating state of the art VFX for re-enactments and recreations.



History Series

With 12 episodes taking stories from all across Scotland, The People’s History Show has everything you’d ever want as a production company. From interviews both in the studio and on location to state of the art graphic recreations.


Children’s Programmes

Our work for CBeebies ALBA had us utilising our large green screen in the studio, combined with our graphic department’s talents. The series will be out later this year and focuses on shapes and colours!



We pride ourselves on delivering story driven documentaries. Our pieces, such as Scotland’s Fastest and Arras: A Battle Forgotten, touch on stories both unknown and spectacular.




Our branding for The History Girls.We have also created the branding for The People’s History Show as well as other programmes across Scotland.


Entertainment & Live Shows

Our work for the RTS Scottish Student Awards in 2019 went up onto the STV Player. Presented by the brilliant Laura Boyd, the show contained the awards ceremony and films.


VFX & Animation

Award winning graphics provide everything we do with that extra flair. From full scene recreations and VFX shots to fun animations and designs.



Some of our clients…