Chasing Dundee's Spy

This is our fantastic Actress Hollie Anderson!

This is our fantastic Actress Hollie Anderson!

For the history series we’re working on for Scottish Television (STV) we have found some truly fascinating tales from the relatively recent past.

From strongmen that managed feats of strength that have yet to be beaten, to an outbreak of typhoid in a large urban city.

But the one that really surprised me was the story of a Nazi spy based in, of all places, Dundee.


The story of Jessie Jordan seems to take bizarre turn after bizarre turn which culminated with an assignment gone wrong, some quick thinking by some of her employees and the beginnings of a very special relationship.

We had the opportunity to talk to some great historians who shared their knowledge and insights into the whole case and some differing opinions on whether Jessie is as innocent as she protested to be.

On top of that we also had a lot of fun filming some recreation of the events that unfolded, getting our actresses to dress in period correct clothing and unleashing their inner secret agent.

Filming in Dundee is also a great thing to do. The city has recently had a lot of press attention due to the opening of the fantastic new V&A building and it really seems to have rejuvenated the city, giving the place a buzz and a vibrant atmosphere.

We went to The Law to film some scenic shots and one of our interviews, which gave us a great overview of the whole city.

If you’re unfamiliar with it The Law is the highest point in central Dundee, a tad windy which made filming the interview slightly tricky due to the wind noise on the microphone, but with a few adjustments it worked perfectly.

Even better from a filming perspective is that you can actually drive and park at the top.

A welcome sight when you’re having to carry a bunch of equipment around.


Looking at the edit, the story is even more fascinating than we all originally thought.

It criss-crosses the world, involves spy rings, dead drops, top secret plans and to hear about the whole thing you’ll of course have to tune into The People’s History Show, to be broadcast on STV in early 2020.

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