Meet the team | Murray



What do you do?

I film and edit as well as operating a Ronin Gimbal for those silky smooth tracking shots.

What have you been doing this week?

A lot!
I’ve been filming some recreation for a history show we’re working on, interviewing ex-miners about their experiences, setting up our studio for filming a sketch comedy show and been exploring a football stadium for a larger project we have in the works.
Love every second!

What’s your most interesting production experience?

Going “over the top” and running through a reproduction of No Mans Land with some very believable re-enactors all around me for a show we made about WWI, all whilst holding a camera and trying not to fall over!
Amazing stuff

Favourite piece of historical knowledge?

The monument to Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh is the cities smallest listed building
Also, don’t rub his nose!
A dodgy tour guide started the rumour that it was a tradition amongst residents to rub the statues nose for good luck and so every tourist now comes along and has a feel, slowly but surely eroding the poor wee guys nose.