Meet the team | Graham


Graham is usually seen holding his SONY Fs7 (or dual wielding if he can) or editing so fast smoke rises from his keyboard. As co-founder of Up Next Studios he’s half the reason the studio is where it is..

I film & edit and love doing it!

What have you been doing this week?

Travelled over 1200 miles, filmed on an island, in a nuclear power plant and in a steel mill. Also met and working with some brilliant people.

What’s your most interesting production experience?

A one day filming trip to Hockenheim in Germany for a classic car Formula 1 event in memory of Jim Clark was a highlight. Exhausting to arrive, drive, film and return all in one day. Great footage though.

Favourite piece of historical knowledge?

The Roman’s didn’t stop at Hadrian’s Wall, they came much further north beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh… I have filmed a lot about Roman’s.