Commission Announcement

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We’re delighted to announce the commissioning of The People’s History Show from STV. Up Next have been working on the show for a few months now, and the 12 part series is set to air this year. Presented by Jennifer Reoch and Fergus Sutherland, the History series hopes to engage those from all around Scotland.

This series, created completely in-house at Up Next Studios, aims to delve into stories from across Scotland. From Shetland to Glasgow, each episode will boast multiple stories from the History of Scotland. Using the latest technology history will be brought to life through graphics and 3D. Alongside this the series will boast high produced reconstruction and storytelling.


From STV:

The People’s History Show (12 x 30’) is produced by Up Next Studios.  Fronted by historian Fergus Sutherland and presenter Jennifer Reoch, the magazine show has been given a new-look and will continue to bring viewers features from across the country to discover the places and people that make up Scotland's shared social history. 

The new series will uncover fascinating stories from across the country including AberdeenshirePaisleyIrvineCumbernauld and Shetland and will explore a host of fascinating events, places and personalities from Scotland’s past, such as the rags to riches tale of Bertie Forbes – founder of Forbes magazine – as well as uncovering more about the man after whom the famous Dinnie stones are named.  


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Jacob Capener