Producing An Interview


Working with the team here at Up Next is great, and we never have a dull moment! Whether it be organising interviews, filming out and about all over Scotland or hosting people at the studios, no two days are ever the same!

We have recently been working on a history show for STV, which involved us travelling far and wide to discover intriguing stories of Scotland’s past. A big part of the filming involved finding people for each episode and setting up interviews as well. As assistant producer, I got to make contact with a lot of these people and set up the interviews with them. 

This was always great fun as I got to hear some wonderful stories over the phone in preparation for conducting the interview. Some people we interviewed, such as Carol Smillie, had a lot of camera experience so we didn’t need to explain the ins and outs so much. However, with people doing their first ever interview, they can always be a bit more nervous.

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When setting up an interview, I always explain the background of the company to the interviewee, and talk them through the exact lay out of the interview itself. If they wish, I let them know the questions in advance so they have the time to reflect and feel comfortable with the content we will be asking about.

Forms always have to be filled in (contributor forms / locations forms / third parties), and this has to be made clear to them as well - a less exciting part of the interview that many be not be aware of but a crucially important one for the production team!

We always try make the interviews very relaxed, making the interviewee feel as comfortable as possible. Every interview is a team effort with the crew here at Up Next and I have especially enjoyed it as it has taken us to some beautiful parts of Scotland, such as Fort William, Aviemore, Shetland and Benbecula! 

One of the best parts is meeting a variety of different and interesting people with great stories to tell us! Can’t wait for the next one! 

Amy Clarkson

Assistant Producer

Jacob Capener