Drop It Like It's Hot

Alan Forbes

Drop it Like It’s Hot

When you work in media, sometimes you’re asked to do almost impossible tasks – I was once asked to book an interviewee who had died many years ago. Sadly,  he wasn’t available.  Fortunately making food look sexy isn’t one of those tasks.

Food cinematography is a genre of filming on its own and one we love.

There is lots to it; this blog post will give you some top tips on filming food.  The biggest issue to deal with first is – THE DROP


When you see food falling through the sky onto a plate it’s known as a ‘Drop’.

But how do you do the perfect drop?  It’s a skill only certain people have mastered; their official title is a DROPPER.

There are so many things to think about – distance, angles, your final destination.   Do you want the food to make a splash on impact or roll in a beautiful seductive manner,  as if that banana is saying, “Yes, put me in your mouth”?

Getting the perfect drop takes time and years of practice.

Some essential gear is needed:  a water sprayer ( to give the food a sexier glow), a bum bag, a wrist support, and sunglasses – just to look cool.

Lastly, when dropping your fruit – make sure you know when and where your hands get into shot.  You don’t want to ruin a beautiful drop by having your meaty paws in the way.

Here is a website full of useful info: