Filming in Oban at McCaig's Tower


McCaig's Tower


The recent nice weather has reminded us of a one of our favourite shoots from this year - the story of McCaig's Tower in Oban.

If you've never been to Oban you really should go.  It is a beautiful small town located in the West Coast of Scotland.

It is famous for its seafood and for one of Scotland's most incredible monuments - McCaig's tower.

We filmed in March 2018 on a sunny but cold day.  We did some of the best drone filming we've ever done up at the tower (yes all permissions were granted).


When we got there we were greeted by one of Oban's most famous residents - Parsley the Cat.  Our historian Fergus Sutherland of course made friends with Parsley instantly.

It was built by McCaig to give work to local stone masons, it is a truly unique building.


You can watch the piece we did below.