Studio Development

So we  have some exciting news!  We’ve manage to get our hands on an amazing property and are currently developing it into an office, edit room and studio space.


We’ve just finished deconstructing/stripping out the place, here are some lessons we’ve learn along the way:


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 20.29.51.png

Safety Gear


Wear it!  It might seem a hassle to put on gloves, masks, goggles etc but they do make a big difference


Power Tools

Are awesome, but be careful.


Wall Plugs

Best way to remove wall plugs – simply screw in a screw until its half way in then pull it out using a claw hammer.



Don’t glue them to the floor!  They are difficult to take up at a later date and the glue is a nightmare to get rid of, don’t do it!



Here is a video of us stripping out the place, enjoy!

Jacob Capener