So what’s next?


That’s what we ask ourselves everyday. 

We’re a talented bunch that love telling great stories.

Based in Scotland, we’ve produced 100s of hours of original content from online to national TV shows. 

So what’s your story?  What’s up next?

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What We Can Do


We love telling stories, stories that need to be told… From high octane sports to history and everywhere in between. We’re experienced in documentary production, and with many more stories to tell.

Our film experience is vast, from script to screen, original stories brought to life that captures your imagination.  Sound design, lighting and VFX, we can bring any production to life.

VFX, animation and motion graphics. Powered by Nvidia's latest hardware, and industry leading software; from Maxon Cinema 4D to After Effects. The possibilities are endless.

We love to take our productions that one step further, and with our award winning Motion Graphics Designer we can do just that. Utilising the latest in motion design software, including Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer and more, at Up Next Studios we're able to produce industry leading VFX, animation and motion.


We’ve been lucky to work with some awesome brands from all over the world.  Bringing products and people to bring life using the latest production methods across all platforms.

Your business, your message, your vision, it's Up Next.